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    Basilique de Saint-Quentin

    A labyrinthine basilica.

    According to the legend, the body of Saint Quentin was found 50 years following his martyrdom by a wealthy Roman woman who was drawn to the Somme river banks by visions in her dreams.
    Eusébie (her name) miraculously found the body and had a chapel built at the location where the cart bearing the saint's body stopped.

    The relics of Saint Quentin attracted hoards of pilgrims. Canons too took part in the construction of the present building of the Saint-Quentin Basilica, a splendid example of Gothic art between the 12th and 15th Century.

    Inside the Saint-Quentin Basilica, although attention is immediately drawn to the remarkable 34 metre high ceiling, the flooring cannot be dismissed. A 260 metre-long labyrinth has been drawn out on the paved Saint-Quentin Basilica nave, which believers follow whilst praying on their knees.

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