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    Eglise grecque de Cargèse

    An eastern church dedicated to Saint Spiridon.

    The Greeks from Vitylo, who were chased from Magna (in the south of the Peloponnese) by the occupying Turks, sought land in the Genoese Republic. After several years, they were granted some non-occupied land, including the territory of Paomia. But the region's mountain dwellers resented the success of the Greek colonies and launched an attack, forcing the Greek community to retreat to Ajaccio.
    More than thirty years later, Corsica became French and the Greeks were offered the territory of Cargèse.

    In the mid 19th century, the original church became too small and was replaced by a new building which took 20 years to build. This building houses the 13th and 16th century icons brought to the island by the Greek colonies.
    The frescoes date from the late 20th century.

    Outside, the panoramic view over the Sagone Gulf is sure to delight.


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