• The Isle of Monks

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    Ile aux Moines

    The isle of monks.

    From its Breton name "Izenah", contraction of "Enez manac'h" meaning "island of monk(s)", the island was once owned by the monks of Saint-Sauveur, though never inhabited by them.
    Located in the Gulf of Morbihan, it is home to little over 600 inhabitants over its 300 hectares.
    The dolmens, still visible today, confirm the presence of life in Neolithic times, and evidence of Gallo-Roman occupation has also been discovered.
    The narrow alleys and lyrically-named woods - the bois d'amour (wood of love), the bois des soupirs (the wood of sighs) and the bois des regrets (wood of regrets) - contribute to this small island's charm; an 7 by 5km island on which you are never more than 450 metres from the sea.


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