• on aura tout vu - paradoxical sensations Bodysuit: plucked mink Kopenhagen fur, metal stalks and crystal - Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 | © Fred COLLIER

  • on aura tout vu - sublime sensations Wedding dress: laser-cut Plexiglas and glass pearls - Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 | © Fred COLLIER

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  • on aura tout vu - cabinet of sensations “Vanity” amulet: resin, crystal and Plexiglas - Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 | © Fred COLLIER

  • on aura tout vu - cabinet of sensations Chainsaw: lace, metallic jersey and crystal - Autumn-Winter 2009- 2010 | © Fred COLLIER


    "on aura tout vu : SensationS" in Calais

    From June 11, 2014 to December 31, 2014

    A poetic evocation of a rich array of emotions and sensations

    The new exhibition “on aura tout vu: Sensations” at the International Centre for lace and Fashion, in Calais, offers visitors a fascinating insight into a unique, poetical creative world, one which explores and experiments using an array of artisanal techniques and new technologies.

    It is neither a chronological retrospective nor a showcase for the big themes running through the work of the fashion house on aura tout vu, still less an artistic installation. It is designed as an opportunity to develop new dialogues and interactions with the public, taking visitors into a virtually unchartered yet fundamental territory in the world of fashion discourse.

    Above all, the aim is to examine the pleasure that fashion items arouse in us. Organized in close collaboration with Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, the founders of on aura tout vu, the project seeks to bring a fresh approach to fashion creation, understood here as the "manufacture of sensations".

    The exhibition is organized into seven autonomous sequences, each one turning the spotlight on the main families of sensations present in the creations of on aura tout vu. The sequences are illustrated with various collections produced between 2003 and 2014. They are like mini-theatres, experimental venues forming an interactive visit full of surprises.

    on aura tout vu

    Installed in the Palais Royal since 1998, the couture house is a multiform creative adventure that deliberately eschews labels, in both senses of the word: on aura tout vu resists the downward drag
    of conformism, freely exploring a variety of artistic expressions.

    Fashion according to on aura tout vu is never a re-creation of bygone modes, as the momentum inherent to their work is not driven by nostalgia. A dash of surrealism, an undertow of humour, a hint
    of derision, a taste for wordplay and wit, and an unconditional love of the artisanal, the handmade: these are the ingredients that spice the message sent out by each of their collections.


    A26 or A16 motorways, junction n°44 signposted "Calais Saint Pierre"
    Calais-Ville railway station (10 min away on foot)
    Calais Frethun railway station then SNCF shuttle to Calais-Ville railway station


    Cité internationale de la dentelle et de la mode
    (International Centre for Lace and Fashion)
    135 quai du Commerce
    62100 Calais


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