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    Sakifo Musik Festival in Saint Pierre de la Réunion

    From May 23, 2014 to May 25, 2014

    The World Music Festival brings together more than 40 artists from around the world

    Come and experience a true musical moment at Saint Pierre de la Réunion for the 11th Sakifo Musik Festival in 2014!

    The Sakifo Musik Festival has become of one the most famous Indian Ocean festivals. Experience a warm, social atmosphere amongst artists, the music professionals and the audience.

    Music lovers of all genres are sure to be delighted and will be completely "sakifo" (satisfied in French créole).

    Prepare for an unfortgettable weekend! Pop, Rock, Electro, Variety, Blues, Reggae, Funk and many other styles can be enjoyed at the festival! 40 artists from around the world will be at the festival for 3 days on the coast of the Indian Ocean to share their music.

    The festival will bring together artists such as Stromae from Belgium, the French singer M as well as David Walters from the Caribbean.

    La Réunion has become one of the best international music festival destinations thanks to the quality and the diversity of its lineup at this World Music Festival.

    The festival will also feature local artists from La Réunion as well as other countries in the Indian Ocean: the "Safiko" is a great platform to promote new regional music in La Réunion, alongside the stars of world music.

    La Réunion, a unique cultural mix

    The Sakifo Festival lasts 3 days truly enriching La Réunion Island: it is a unique cultural melting pot with inhabitants of different ethnicities, religious beliefs and cultures living together in harmony.
    As well as the cultural mix in La Réunion, there is also a varied landscape: peaks, fortifications, cliffs, volcanoes as well as white and black sandy beaches...

    The Sakifo festival is the perfect representation of La Réunion: proud of its rich heritage and its diverse mix of people. Due to 4 centuries of diverse history and migration over the years from all corners of the earth (Europeans, Madagascans, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Comorians...)

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